Wildlife Removal

Wild Life Removal

Mizza Pest Treatment provides in-depth expertise and hands-on experience addressing tough wildlife situations using humane control approaches as specialists in animal control and removal. Accurate Wildlife Service, our wildlife branch, is completely certified and properly trained to remove unwanted wildlife from your house using a range of humane management tactics.

We provide a multi step program for wildlife removal, those steps being:

  1. First Inspection – You’ll never be able to effectively defend your home against rodent invaders if you don’t know what’s going on within it, therefore our first step is always to do a thorough inspection of the home and look for the root of your rat problem, not just the symptoms. Your Mizza pest control professional will inspect both the inside and outside of your home, looking for signs of rodent activity as well as potential access points.
  2. Identifying and Addressing Entry Points – After the home has been surveyed and the threat has been identified, the next best step is to totally seal the house so that no additional rodents can enter. Your Mizza technician will cover any breaches that rats, mice, and other pests could be using to get in and out with the best tools in the business (including caulks, wire meshes, and expanding foams). They’ll also alert you to any more serious structural flaws they find.
  3. The Treatment – To physically catch these bothersome rodent invaders and monitor for activity, your Mizza pest control professional will utilize a combination of tools and devices placed in key yet discrete spots throughout your house. Tamper-resistant bait stations can also be used inside or outside the home to safely introduce bait to invading rodents and swiftly and effectively remove them.
  4. The Follow Up – We’re not going to let you down. Within 7-14 days of your initial visit, your Mizza technician will return to inspect and verify all of the trapping and monitoring devices, remove any rodents, and withdraw as needed. Your Mizza technician may recommend another visit depending on the degree of the infestation. And, of course, if you need us between scheduled visits, we will return at no charge during your guarantee term.